Introduction to save results on Google Drive

The idea is use own personal storing space on Google Drive as remote database for saving quiz results.
As database file is used a spreadsheet in the Google Sheet format.

The prerequisite is a Google account, that is widely spread around world, due to the Google email service, Gmail.

If you don't want to cross QuizFaber's personal and work data, we recommend creating a second Google account, free of charge, which can be used exclusively for collecting results from quizzes created with QuizFaber.
If you are a member of an educational institution or a corporate organization, the second Google Account may be registered not to you personally but to the institution or company or to its manager.

There are two manual steps:

  1. Create a new empty spreadsheet into Google Drive, starting from an existing model
  2. Into Google Drive, manually configure the spreadsheet in order to enable to become a public web application .
    At the end of this step, only one parameter, the web application URL given us by Google, has to be copied and pasted into QuizFaber saving property.

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