Introduction to save results on Google Drive

The idea is use own personal storing space on Google Drive as remote database for saving quiz results (for quizzes with up to 60 questions).
As database file is used a spreadsheet in the Google Sheet format.

The prerequisite is a Google account, that is widely spread around world, due to the Google email service, Gmail.
Google Drive can be found at the following link:

There are two manual steps:

  1. Create a new empty spreadsheet into Google Drive, starting from an existing model
  2. Into Google Drive, manually configure the spreadsheet in order to enable to become a public web application.
    At the end of this step, only one parameter, the web application URL given us by Google, has to be copied and pasted into QuizFaber saving property.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due too limitation of 256 columns of a Google Docs spreadsheet, can be stored quiz results only for quizzez that have a number of questions less or equal to 60.

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